AirTag Dog Collar Holder


Keep your AirTag securely fitted to your dog with our adjustable AirTag Dog Collar.

Made from waterproof silicone the AirTag Collar will provide great protection for your device and be a comfortable solution for your dog to wear.

Part Number: S-0E6

Product Material: Silicone
Product Weight: 35g
Product Specific(1): AirTag Compatible

Is the Collar waterproof?

Yes, the Collar is made out of waterproof silicone and your AirTag will also provide good water resistance whilst submerged for up to thirty minutes. We do not recommend you go above this limit.

How secure will it be?

The Collar provides a tight hold onto the AirTag and you'll need to apply a strong force in order to flex and remove it.

Will it affect the AirTag signal?

It won't. Your signal will be dependant on your location and the reception of the AirTag itself. 

Does this come with the AirTag?

No, this is soley just the Collar that is being sold.

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What if something happens afterwards?

Guess what, you're in luck. With a One Year Warranty provided on all of our products, you'll be well protected. Send us an email and we'll take care of it (subject to our Warranty Policy).

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