Thin Case: Clear Edition

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Protect your iPhone with a beautiful Clear Case designed to keep the natural look of your phone. It's made from anti-colour-change materials — so there's no change of colour mid-season.

And don't forget the thin design to keep your pockets light and bulk free.

Part Number: S-66BX

Product Material: Mixture (Polypropylene, TPU)
Product Weight: 3.5g
Package Weight: 40g
Product Specific(1): 0.65mm Thin
Product Specific(2): Wireless Charge Compatible

Will it be MagSafe Compatible?

Yes, but no. We've made sure the case is thin enough to co-operate with wireless charging. However, it does not include magnets to provide the magnetic attraction.

Will the Case protect my iPhone?

Yes, for everyday use the Case will provide you with sufficient protection. However, if you're notorious for dropping your phone you'll need to use a stronger or bulkier alternative.

Is the Case a hard shell?

It is not, the Case is a soft shell and much better for absorbing impact. It's made from a flexible polypropylene and TPU compound.

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What if something happens afterwards?

Guess what, you're in luck. With a One Year Warranty provided on all of our products, you'll be well protected. Send us an email and we'll take care of it (subject to our Warranty Policy).

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